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Sit back and look pretty 

Stay back we too gritty 

Yeah, your brain’s right but your heart is just too prickly 

Fast paced, past icky  stuck bitches act picky 

Fuck the brakes, it’s my city these lights beam down, no pity

Phased out, so petty my brain’s gone, too litty

Faced with the race against time, too swiftly 

They not ready  for real, they not ready 

Its too heavy the beat moves in steady

Rumble like my doge hemi but my tank empty

Sad sack-o-soul rappin’ ’til they get me

Forgotten? Not really Tree Club, stay with me 

King curls, young grizzly  stay up, they with me 

I’m not Drizzy for real, I’m not Drizzy

My flow’s sizzling, piddling motions move wit’ me 

We so busy, overheat the mind fizzling 

Face twitching, bad break but can’t switch me

Fast paced, sideline we toe tipping 

Seat gripping, stern warnings we been getting 

6 feet, beneath me thats ditching

Fabric time slipping, we stay inching 

From the bottom with no cinching 

We hang loose lost from this gripping 

this hard hitting heartbreak don’t die with me

I'll fly away to a happy place

People say hey as I fade away

Deep in my mind is my getaway

Smile on your face as you sway with me

These days passin by and I’m trying to break free

I Want to change the world just a simple human being

passing love to every single country playing me

Positive energy unity and peace

I spread all of those its the rasta within me

Born in Babylon blazing fire smelling pretty

All up in the city with a sack and somehthing fishin

I got a couple stacks so theres 0 fucks I’m giving

Living on my own with no chick to keep me tied up

Im posted by myself and I really cannot find trust

Popping like bag of pus preacher not a catechist

Cleaning up your souls so the devil don’t damage ya

Sending out a prayer carrying vibes you can feel

Growing out more layers thicker skin you should  build

Stronger than wood against the grain is my food

flowing is my water and these beats keep it chill

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