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Let me set the scene, inhale and breathe 

As the smoke rises up to invade your screen

Me and plants we move, skank and groove 

On a grey city day haze waves the mood

Relax your mind, in fact we’ll find 

A pack to get you back feeling nice and fine 

Reefer madness, astral planes 

I can’t stand it, smoke my pain 

Against the grain, that whole strain 

Fucked me up, when I drained 

That whole bowl, green goes black 

Embers and coal, snap that back 

Eyes so shacked but I cant turn back 

I’m trippin’ out now, may even collapse

It’s too loud, I’m too high, baby relax

Plants laced the track, Curlz killing the raps

Kickin’ it and smoking’, tokin’ and jokin’

Gettin’ so high that my feet feel broken 

My lungs are chokin’ and I’m locked as fuck 

I’ve been on this couch for like 5 whole months 

My ex is calling, the light’s too bright 

Lookin’ through the blinds, paranoid of the night 

It’s been a long day out here in the bay

Where we kick it and they say slang a certain way 

The morning’s a new day, swear I’ll be brave 

smoke my life away, never wanna behave 

‘Cuz I love smokin’ in the morning girl 

Won’t you join me out here in this world? 

‘Cuz I love tokin’ while the world it turns

But it’s so broken, let’s just watch it burn


  And we skanking all night praising jah Rastafari    

Grooving out of life and you know I got the bomb Thai

Sticky in the morning wake and bake to the sunrise

Meditate open eyes I’m talking about that third eye

Hard to relate might as well turn it off catch the next vibe

And im sure it’ll inspire ya’ll tune into this I'll treat you like a car

Modify your brain then I’ll send you to the stars

tearing out the page of the books unread

I read the last chapter and this is what it said

You gotta live in peace together we are one

its been set in stone since this time has begun

all we do now is complain and moan sedated more than ever

 water sinking our homes 

Purifying ears so the levels stay balanced 

keep a strong base so the foes can’t mask it.           

Got a task trash it back to this rap trip 

distraction tactics to keep your mind trending

the latest fashion tablet

I know it aint for me so I rest and seize 

Giving up all my property in order to walk free

ima live within my means trees over everything

Addicted to this feeling irie rocking to the beat

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