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Structuring these thoughts ideas come from nothing

Bluffing stacking all my chips Im making something

hungry need the guac every meal I’m munchin

And on top feed my guap lob it up Mitchell  dunking    

Im the upsetter when I coming out of first

You a go getter and  you should be making more

Explore its a chore Hydroponics got me trekking    

and I aint event stopping till my silly feet hit the bottom of the core

Neighbors knocking on my front door 

just to see wuss cracking got the kaya snapping

laughing packing bowl after bowl 

Lombardi on a roll taste the sour

spread the cheese elite human beings 

All Seeing

acheiving milestones while im blown in the zone

Came a long way from this point and I can’t stop now

Cause I keep it steady rocking paying homage to the timeless

kept the right mind set trying to stay righteous

Well these last five years have been crazy as hell 

Chasing tail through the del out in Indians wells

Worked my ass off every day straight to the nail

Days so long they all started to meld 

Lacking sleep, crazy and lethargic as well 

Never seemed to gel with one single female 

Depressed and unenthused, I’m afraid to fail

Back into the shadows while my homies excel 

Deep inside my mind these thoughts they dwell 

Ready to erase me as the darkness swells 

They never will prevail, they are way too stale

My rhymes are getting better as I pick up the trail

Meditating daily, shit starting to smell

Stinking like I’m rocky when I rap so well

I don’t receive mail from the rap clientele 

just be you , blaze my own damn trail 

Inhale the beat freely, breathe it out and exhale

To all you motherfuckers that just cant tell 

Young king curls, he a killa whale 

Nicatina told me, boy give em hell 

Prepped me for this moment since the age of 12

Since the first time I heard “It ain’t hard to tell”

The Marshall Mather LP and It’s Dark and Hell

Is Hot and “We don’t care”, “Meddle with Metal”

So word to Eyedea and MF DOOM

Em, Deck, Mos, Nasty Nas and the Wu 

Cole, TDE and Pro Era too 

Without hip hop, I’d be dead in my… tomb

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