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Run it run it run it right by me 

Faded way too long, I guess you bitches better try me 

On sight, like I keep em moving with my high beams

Lookin like I might mean, better never spite me 

Better get clever ‘fore I fucking slice, sever 

Never could be better than me I’m too clever 

I’ve been on top since the fuckin’ Armageddon 

Since the mumbles came in and these fuckers wanna get em 

But me, I stay leavened, never send me straight to heaven 

I’m a hellhound, sharp teeth when I sever 

Taking down the names, cross em off that ledger 

I’m just moving down the list til I get to Ledbetter 

Better find a gold star before I wanna enter 

Cuz my center keeps it moving and my engine wanna rev her 

So twerk for the torque With no pork on my fork 

I rap here of course With Luda on board 

But I ain’t from the south, west coast what we about 

Open your mouth please don’t tell your spouse 

I’m lyrically with it My rhymes are so sick it’s

A tragedy happened to you when we ripped it 

With dearest adherence to these flows we feeling 

We called your appearance a fucking hindrance (hindeerance)

Shinobi Sean my spirit’s on 

Aligned with all of my chakras on 

Fuck your song, you can’t sing along

It’s fucking on, ring the fucking gong 

Fucking rough, rugged and raw 

Taking back my Sunday flaw 

Of drinking in the morning with my emo on 

The evil’s strong, let’s get it on 

giving zero fucks, you cannot take me on 

The force is strong, let me break you off

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