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I’ve been deep, down, dirty and dark 

Grim as the reaper that came for a stark

Lost in all this haze, god give me a spark

It’s like the demons caught up to me, rip me apart

Drugs and alcohol, fueling my rage

Picking up the family heirloom, engaged 

Running through my blood, help me feel this pain

The sickest disease to ever hit me, I’m strained.

Bloodshot bleary and lost behind brown

Twitching, looking around, like whats that sound?

Trust is all gone, don’t take that round

Cuz he’ll turn it back on you and reveal that shroud 

The devil’s all around me, it’s hard to ignore 

Fixing to stick me and seep through my pores 

The smell is coming off of me, death is close

Been treading lightly but I took that dose 

Runnin’ through my head, tryin’ to get out quick

The treadmill keeps spinnin’, it’s a helluva trick

Master of myself but its all just fake

Mind games control me, keep me awake 

Just another one to settle my nerves down

Creepin’ through my system as my arm bleeds out 

Pop another pill to calm that shit down 

Try not to look sad forever I frown 

Just pass me the bottle, let me tip that back 

I can take more than you, thats a simple fact 

Muscle memory, keep sipping and pouring 

But in my mind I’m racing, tears are pouring 

The pain deep inside, I’m forever ignoring 

There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m fine on this flooring 

Let me pass out, I’ll be cool in the morning 

I’ll be cool in the morning…

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