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It seems to be we often lead 

a life thats blind eye can’t figure why

One day ill see what the 

meaning of me comes from 

I hope by then ill reach my destiny

I've been lethargic lately forgot where I last parked my car

Walking aimless thru the streets trying to find the drive no cigar

Don’t know where I’m heading but its a nice day to stroll around

Find my way to the beach where I sit down and drink the crown

Gotta peace so I wave two fingers high up in the air  

A taxi comes by just in time so we fly  out of there

Told him to take me to collie man the herbs running dry

Eye and eye know the plant is sacred to the most high

Feeling alright like its the summer with no purpose in sight

good vibes full of of life like a newborn first opening eyes

Theres nothing to do but enjoy the gifts of this wonderful earth

About to get a taco cuz we in cali implanted since birth

and you know I got them for free cuz I saved that coupon

The last time the lakers held the away team

To under a hundred points

Purple and gold is the way I prefer my joints blowing o’s

We got the rings a sweet sixteen and chick Hearn on the voice

Well Celtic green’s all I see and that green’ll get me by 

Too high to ask why or give reality a try 

But sometimes we unwind, paint a picture of the time 

The whole scene was clean, a mask in my mind 

And I ask it sometimes 

What the purpose of my life? 

Am I put here to diminish and finish these old lies? 

Killin’ the old me every sentence of my rhyme 

And each time I let it go, lose a fraction of my mind 

Unwind, let that shit go black then rewind 

The Z stands for me, in a way its about time 

Zigzag with me through a patch in the space time 

See You Rule Love is back to take what’s mine

I Try to live it right on the light of my own 

Peace Love And Never Taking Shit: bring it home 

2 birds with one stone, 4 eyes on the clone 

7 in a garden: line em up in a row

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