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I said we rock it off the top, first shot your head nod

Fuck it, this is lit, let the fucking beat knock

All my shit I copped off the block and restocked 

Scuff my shit and get dropped and tossed off my block 

We the sickest that you never fuckin’ heard of 

Clever with the words, let me get my swerve on 

Nervous like a bird when she gets her chirp on 

Swerve her on the curb, drop her a stack to splurge on 

Wicked shit to spur on 

Evil lettuce keep it all in while we surge on

mixing all this chronic with the goose and bourbon 

Fast I know im slayin’ off the stake that I’m taking

Eradicatin’ Satans with the holiness bakin’

Shakin’ off the cretins with their copious hatin’ 

Rap with no delayin’ 

Cap with no debatin’

They wanna fuck with us but they ain’t interested in payin’ 

Fuck what they are sayin’ 

So let that shit rock, while your fucking head bob

Apollo sets it up, while I throw down the lob 

Space is the place, thats word to sun-ra

Erase all the hate, we are our own God 

So flawed…

I'm just floating cross legged mind faded with no sense of time 

Right between the eyes eye see the lies

committed crimes no one seems to mind 

Fk it tho let this be a musical here to show you all

Words deeper than the obstructed biblical 

Mystical lyrical nomad at the age of five

Eye threw a crayon landed on its pointhead Im anointed  

A Devoted Poet loading potent wisdom 

listening to the children's vision trippin out of this mental prison

Cut off like a circumcision the woke have risen

Conscious decisions free will living positives rhythms in my system 

New traditions with a piece of Hindu's Muslims Judeo-Christians

United like a pie before the first slice no bites just get lifted

Blazing buddha with a smile while chilling in clouds

Waving to the low cuz our lights are beaming brightly now

Feeling like I ate an eighth of shrooms off a wagyu cow

Vibing to the sound faded man I’m going in and out chow 

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