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Who you see when you look in the mirror?

What do you believe?

Is it your self staring back at what it could be?

Or is it all wrong? The cause: lost at what we can’t be 

Lost in all this fog, the cog was never fitting 

Puzzle pieces missing, confused, teeth gritting

Im not supposed to be here dude, we all wilting

Sun beating down on our face, sweat dripping

Rat race with people so smug, case gripping 

Nine to five ain’t that life when you’re caught slipping 

Waiting til the time to get off, clock ticking 

The change is stuck within you, it gnaws and stays biting 

Clawing at your insides, crawls and keeps fighting 

Keep on keeping on they say…so snidely 

But they don’t know my steez

They don’t know my steeeeeeeeeeez 

You keep your mask on so tight, stay smilin’

Buckin’ all those trends my dude, stay wildin’ 

I don’t know my own true self, I keep arrivin’ 

At this same conclusion, I’m lost, just divin’

Deep into that cool, blue water, its invitin’

Sinking ships still at will, I been hidin’

All I can do is me, JBY’n 

Sick of all those webs I weave, I been lyin’

All these haters latch on me, stay deridin’

But chaos is a ladder I know, keep climbin’ 

Stand up tall and breathe, shit’s ignitin’ 

Stay so true to yourself and keep fightin’ 

Stay so true to yourself and keep fightin’

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