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Peace, Love And Never Taking Shit 

Apollo laced the track, yeah and I’m just gonna spit 

Fucking hypocrite you get it and then dip 

You get that thing I sent you? Hippocratic I flip 

I’m sorry momma, ima killer when I rip 

Incarcerate my flow too many bars for you to grip 

I’m so mean but the flow ain’t that average 

Caught these damn bastards smoking up my cabbage 

Harvey Birdman, I always got the word man 

I’ll take the fucking case, and I came in swervin 

What’s the word man? Skip the shit and hurt them 

Young king killer Curlz ima have to serve them 

But it’s all love yeah and positive thoughts 

Peace God, I swear I won’t blow up your spot 

Apollo and Curlz got a 5 year plot 

Coming in hot, never willing to stop 

Peace love and never taking shit 

Good vibes, good people, that’s it...

Plant it right quick, water then dip 

(That’s how we come up with this shit)…

Man I don’t give a fuck not dependent on luck

Hustlin every single day thats a $20 dollar lunch

On the grind all time no 5-0’s in my line 

Talkin shit aint a crime but you know Im not taking it 

Bathing like an ape when this planet was abandoned

Im in the amazon sipping ayuascha learning from a shaman 

A caveman sparking fire every time I see the light 

when Im on the mic I spit my vision of this crazy life

Intuition got me living on a pedestal

 raising levels to the game y’all looking minuscule 

 bend the rules check it fool splash it in your face

misdirect the pass on the fast break

Too late scoring at a pace reggie can’t match

Delivering heavier flows than these girls on the rag

They bad with an ass so fat loves boom bap rap

Tracks that slap people looking at plants

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