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We know that @ symbol mighta fooled you at least

uncrease your ears allow yourself to release 

Evil minds feed the deeds that you need to increase

without a leash you might find, you’ve been fiending to feast 

B and me been kicking since the MD days 

A pit stop in SF, dorm daze in a haze

Brought us to the point that you’re hearing today 

Building beats in the closet, soundproofin’ the space 

Goin’ through the motions, growin’ older each day 

Floating, smoking potent, smile stuck on our face

A couple sad souls near the dock of the bay 

fuck what everybody say, we decided to play 

We watered and improved in every single session

Recording music, fusing moods learning all new lessons

Stressin’ out my mind, tryna make an impression 

But B calms me down clear within our message 

A garden we grew, the beats bloomin’ in full

Boom bap in the roots, could never get old 

we stuck in ’93, but our soil is new

Apollo makes the beats, tree club is the crew 


Opened our third eye wide enough to believe

That these plants could survive right next to the weeds

‘Cuz here we are emerging to the top when our seeds

Were lost and forgotten, left to die in the reeds

Talking’ and debatin’ doubtin’ that will grow

But don’t worry young bud, later bloomers’ll know

The last to grow, the slow reap you can sow 

is way better than them birds early screaming to go

Lookin’ up at the sun, takin’ in the expanse

Right here, right now, in the moment relax

When Curlz is on the track spittin’ nothin’ but facts 

You must be listenin’ to People Looking at Plants

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