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Well I’m a California rollin’ stony brodie to the death of me 

Drivin’, smokin’ up on all these purple colored sherbet leaves

Cruisin’ in the white reaper, pack the stacks behind the seat

Cap it in the back in case I need to get some fuckin’ sleep 

Cutlet on the track, ain’t nobody gonna fuck with me

I break the beat down surround the loud with bad company 

Can’t get enough me, standing there sputterin’

Wonderin’, if ima break you down somethin’ thunderin’

Hungerin’, for someone to set it off war mongerin’

Stompin’ shit, ready to explode with no common sense 

Raw shit, rugged like they got me all wrong again 

Pause, we thuggin’ rocking out poppin’ off again 

ponderin’, if ima stop it all or get gone again 

sorry this, shit is too dark let me start again 

Sittin in the dorm Selek Statik on the beat kid 

Freestyle for free stand pat while I rip this 

Shit this, take me back when I could still rip shit 

Crispix, crunchin’ on the floor where I spit this 

Witness, levels risin’ up on my litmus 

Flip this, style so vile is horrific

Swift with the shit to get you out of your seat

Bang your fuckin’ head until you feel it deplete

Let the shit bleed, nod your head to the beat

Stomp your damn feet, crack the hard concrete

Young plants the team, s dot on the scene 

Half guillotine, half rappin’ machine

Roll yourself some green, sit back in your seat

Relax, kick it fat and spark up that heat

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